#IDSEliteTeam - Ten-Dance


Professional Ten-Dance Couples


Nikolay Govorov & Evgeniya Tolstaya flagicon-russia.png


Nikolay and Evgeniya are World Professional Ten-Dance Champions, and have been part of the #IDSEliteTeam since 2016. They're from, and based in Russia and found each other on a dancesport website before dancing together. As ten-dancers they enjoy the character of all of the dances, with Nikolay preferring the Rumba. Away from dancing they enjoy music and shopping! 

For Ballroom, Nikolay wears our 'Tango' in Black Patent and Evgeniya wears our 'ICS RoundToe' in both Flesh Satin and White Satin. In Latin, Nikolay wears 'Rumba XG in Black Calf whilst Evgeniya wears 'Mia T-Bar in Tan Satin. You can follow Nikolay on Instagram by clicking here and click here to follow Evgeniya on Instagram.


Amateur Ten-Dance Couples


Glenn Boyce & Cäroly Jänes flagicon-england.png


Whilst they've known each other since the ages of around five, when they met at a training camp in Estonia, it was only in 2016 when Glenn & Cäroly began to dance with each other and since then they've become the most decorated couples at Junior and Youth levels across all dance federations, in both Ballroom and Latin, around the world. They're a very hard-working and dedicated couple (you can read more about them in a blog post from May 2020 by clicking here) and if they're not on a dance floor, they're on a flight to win their next competition.

Their favourite dance is the Quickstep and they draw inspiration from many different dancers, many of which are dance legends as well as artists and musicians.

For Ballroom, Glenn wears our 'Romeo' in Black Patent and Cäroly wears our 'ICS SuperStar' in both Flesh Satin and White Satin. In Latin, Glenn wears 'Rumba XG in Black Calf whilst Cäroly wears 'Bela in Tan Satin or 'LTB' in Tan Satin. You can follow Glenn on Facebook by clicking here and click here to follow Cäroly on Instagram. They dance at Nice and Easy Dance Studios in Bournemouth, UK. You can visit the website of their studio by clicking here and the Instagram page by clicking here.


Evgeniy Sveridonov & Angelina Barkova flagicon-russia.png


For Ballroom, Evgeniy wears our 'Contra' in Black Patent and Angelina wears our 'ICS Classic' in both Flesh Satin and White Satin. You can follow Evgeniy on Instagram by clicking here and click here to follow Angelina. You can follow their shared account by clicking here. Image here.


Youth Ten-Dance Couples


Eli Blyuss & Beatrice Oberfeld flagicon-canada.png


Eli wears our 'Contra Pro' in Black Patent for Ballroom and our 'Rumba XG' in Black Calf for Latin whilst Beatrice wears our 'ICS RoundToe SingleStrap' design in both Flesh Satin and White Satin for Ballroom and 'Flavia' in Tan Satin for Latin. You can follow Eli on Instagram by clicking here and Beatrice by clicking here.