Standard Ballroom

A Ballroom dancer needs a shoe with style that oozes the same elegance of the smoothest waltz. Our collection is stylish, soft, flexible and light and with most of the dancers in any Amateur or Professional Ballroom competition finalist lineup wearing our Ballroom shoes, it's safe to say our shoes are close to perfect. By making our own shoes here in the UK, we're able to offer a wide range of designs whilst being able to put a lot of care into how each shoe is made. Insoles are layered with soft and flexible gel cushioning for comfort, along with a specialised arch support unit to help with foot alignment, to prevent arches from dropping, and to generally make it feel like you're dancing on clouds. There is also padding under the heel which helps absorb shock and soften every step. We make shoes in various fittings too, to fit a wider and narrower foot.

If you'd like any of the shoes here in a size, fitting or even colour other than what is available here, click here to email us.


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