#IDSEliteTeam - Professional Latin


Ferdinando Iannaccone & Yulia Musikhina flagicon-usa.png


Ferdinando wears our 'Killick Klassik' in Black Calf and Yulia wears our 'Bela' in Tan Satin. You can follow Ferdinando on Instagram by clicking here and Yulia by clicking here.


Kim Minje & Han Hyebin flagicon-south-korea.png


Kim wears our 'Rumba' in Black Nubuck and Han wears our 'Flavia' in Tan Satin. You can follow Kim on Instagram by clicking here and Han by clicking here.


Zi Long Wang & Yang Li (Celine) flagicon-china.png


Zilong wears our 'Rumba' in Black Calf and Celine wears our 'Flavia' in Tan Satin. You can follow Zilong on Instagram by clicking here and Celine by clicking here.


Artur Tarnavskiy & Anastasia Danilova flagicon-usa.png


Artur wears our 'Rumba' in Black Patent and Anastasia chooses either 'Bela' in Tan Satin or 'Flavia' in Tan Satin. You can follow Artur on Instagram by clicking hereAnastasia by clicking here and their shared account by clicking here. They also have their own dance studio in Florida called Dance4You and you can learn more about their studio by clicking here.


Sigurdur Thor Sigurdsson & Annalisa Zoanetti flagicon-iceland.png


Sigurdur (also known simply as 'Siggy') & Annalisa started dancing together in 2013 after Annalisa made the huge step in flying all the way from Australia to Reykjavik in Iceland to meet him! Making the Professional Rising Star Lain Final and Professional Latin Quarter Finals in Blackpool are their highlights so far, with Rumba being Annalisa's favourite dance and Siggy's being the Paso. Away from dancing, Annalisa loves spending time with family and friends, food, tennis and chilling whilst Siggy loves to cook, play Playstaion and also relax.

Of our shoes, Siggy says, "They have the best fit and give me the ability to articulate and use my feet exactly how I want. I've tried most brands of shoes, and this is the only one that I've been completely happy with" and Annalisa says, "Everything from the styles, fit and the material is the best. Again, like Siggy, I've tried many brands and International Dance Shoes take the cake!"

Sigurdur wears our 'Rumba XG' in Black Calf and Annalisa wears our 'Mia XG' in Tan Satin. You can follow Sigurdur on Instagram by clicking here, Annalisa by clicking here and their shared account by clicking here. Their studio is Madeleine Zoanetti - Dedicated to Dance in Adelaide, Australia. View the website by clicking here, or follow it on Instagram here.


Daniel Juvet & Zuzana Sykorova flagicon-switzerland.png


Daniel wears our 'Rumba' in Black Calf and Zuzana wears our 'Svetlana' in Tan Satin. You can follow Zuzana on Instagram by clicking here and their shared account by clicking here.


Andrew Escolme & Amy Baker flagicon-usa.png


Andrew and Amy met as Juveniles in 2000, competing against each other when Amy won the British Juvenile Championships. They begun dancing together in 2004, starting with Junior and progressing through to Youth, Amateur and now Professional. They are now based in the USA and having switched to 'American Rhythm', they've now learned a whole new set of dances with Amy's favourite being Swing and Andrew's being Mambo. They're World American Rhythm Finalists and US Rising Star Rhythm Champions.

Amy's inspirations are Joanna Leunis and Carmen, whilst Andrew idolises Evgeny Smagin but also takes inspiration from musicians including Miles Davies and Tito Puente. Their favourite places to dance are Blackpool and the Royal Albert Hall in London. Away from dance, they love trying new restaurants both in Boston where they're based and throughout other parts of the USA when they compete. Andrew enjoys playing golf but admits that finding the time to perfect his slice is difficult!

"All the shoes are so supportive and comfortable. We love that the teaching and practice shoes have some cool and fun designs too. International Dance Shoes are always looking to innovate and improve their shoes and the new heels and materials only add to their quality."

Andrew wears our 'Rumba' in Black Calf and Amy wears our 'LTB' in Tan Satin. You can follow Andrew & Amy on Instagram by clicking here. They teach at SuperShag Dance Studios which has been ranked number one studio in the US and World Dancesport Series, click here for its website. Image here.