Price Increases, July 2023

Published by International Dance Shoes on 7th Jun 2023

With the ever increasing costs associated with manufacturing, our prices will increase from the 1st July 2023. 

Times remain tough in manufacturing, with cost increases coming from all angles. Everything from upper materials and linings, through to smaller components like buckles and heel tips have increased, in addition to labour costs. This is only the second time we've increased our prices in nearly 6 years because we always try to absorb as much as we can to help ensure high-quality dance shoes remain as affordable as possible, especially in the times we're currently living in.

A major part of the cost of making a shoe is labour and if you think about it, the more productive we can be within our existing hard-working team, the better control we can have on that particular part of our cost. So we're also going to be discontinuing a few items. These will mainly be styles that aren't so popular these days and if we can take them out of our current collection, we can focus our time on producing more of the most popular shoes - which we hope can allow us to provide an even better service too! We'll publish a bit more information about these shoes very soon.

The other way of lowering costs is using lower priced materials and components, but simply shopping around for supply of the cheapest possible alternatives would only lower quality, and that is not wha we're about.

We never enjoy putting our prices up, but we need to make sensible decisions that allow us to ensure that our business is sustainable so that we can go on to continue producing world-class dance footwear well into the future. We believe our prices are still the best value in comparison to other brands that position themselves in the same, more premium space as us.

To get an idea of some of our new prices, click here to view an email we sent out last night which features some of the new prices of some of our most popular shoes (and when you open it, click on subscribe in the top left corner to get all of our emails which include updates on new shoes and special offers!).

Don't forget that we also have our Dansport collection too! This is a more limited collection and you can view it all here.

We always prefer to give notice when increasing our prices so if there is anything you need - order by 30th June!

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of our business!

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