Teaching & Practice

Comfort is of the upmost importance when creating a shoe for teaching and practice, such are the hours that they're worn. But style can't be compromised! In recent years, we've turned a traditionally dull type of shoe into something fun with our collaboration with World Showdance & BBC 'Strictly Come Dancing' Champion, Katya Jones.

Shoes here are made not only with the standard gel cushioned insole we use across all of our shoes, but with the addition of specially designed arch support which helps support the correct alignment of the foot and helps prevent the arches from dropping. Foam lining is used for exceptional comfort and we're proud to offer a collection of shoes which brings a mix of surprise and pure happiness to all those that lace them up.

Of the low heeled shoes, for those that prefer flexibility, we recommend the 'Heather Split-Sole', but if you want a bit more support then we recommend the 'Heather Full-Sole' which has a metal shank through the insole for extra support and stability.

If you'd like any of the shoes here in a size, fitting or even colour other than what is available here, click here to email us.

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